How to Wrap a Car?

Wrapping a car typically involves using vinyl media in various sizes and types. Carwrap online offer Supreme vinyl wrap. Here's a basic guide on how to wrap a car:

  • Preparing the Car
    Wash the car thoroughly before starting
    Dry the car completely
    Apply lubricants to any complex models
    De-grease areas around the mirrors, handles, and emblems

  • Applying the Film
    Clean the surface area of the body panel with an alcohol or wax-free product
    Measure and cut the wrap film to fit the applicable area
    Pre-heat the film so it is easier to apply
    Use a squeegee to press and move the film onto the body panel
    Trim any excess film
    Seal the edges of the film with an application penetration solution of your choice
    Reapply if necessary

  • Finishing Options
    Once you have the wrap applied, use a heat gun to further contour the film to the body panel to make it more secure.
    After that, use your heat gun to dry any application solution remaining on the body panel prior to re-washing the car.
    Finally, you may want to wax or seal the vinyl wrap for added protection against scratches and dirt.

Ckwraps is my favorite and professional wrapper, hope these videos will help you wrap your car. The following are videos about how to wrap a car for different car parts.